Grimes IT, LLC builds web applications, provides technical services to web-based businesses, and conducts original research and development.

I’m Jason Grimes, owner and Principal Engineer. I’ve been building web applications a long time.

I do full-stack JavaScript development with Node, React, Next, Express, and so on. I’ve written production JavaScript and PHP code since the dawn of both languages, as they matured into serious technologies that run the modern web. Before specializing in web apps I was a sysadmin in early Linux, Unix, and Windows and learned to program in C, C++ and Java. Before that I was a network engineer in 1990s Silicon Valley installing computer labs and Internet in a dozen public schools.

I helped start-up, scale, and operate, the world’s largest network of professional translators and linguists, and a profitable bootstrapped small web business. It was successful, so I did that awhile.

Now I own Grimes IT, LLC, a small business building web applications and providing technical products and services. I’m supported by a network of friends and seasoned experts in systems, design, development, and business, to whom I am grateful.

I am a fixer. I like to solve useful problems. If I can solve a problem for you, please contact me.