Grimes IT, LLC solves business problems with internet technologies, specializing in custom web applications, technical services, and original research and development.

I’m Jason Grimes, owner and lead engineer. I’ve been growing companies on the Internet for a long time.

I build web applications and scale internet infrastructure, and have since the dawn of the World Wide Web. Before specializing in web development and DevOps I was a sysadmin on early Linux/Unix and Windows and learned to program in C, C++ and Java. Before that I was a network engineer in 1990s Silicon Valley installing internet access and computer labs in public schools.

I helped start-up, operate, and scale, the world’s largest network of professional translators and linguists, and a profitable bootstrapped small company. It was a remarkably successful web business, so I did that a long time.

Now I own Grimes IT, LLC, a software and DevOps consulting firm providing technical products and services. I’m supported by a network of friends and seasoned experts in systems, design, development, and business, with whom I am proud to associate.

I solve problems. I understand technology. If you have technology-related problems, please contact me to learn how I can help.